Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Cellulosic ethanol welfare: Worse than you thought" Washington Examiner

Thanks Timonthy P. Carney for keeping the public informed via your articles and book.
Frustated by a lack of other media attention, I have written a screenplay about the havoc wreaked by ethanol scammers trying to bully small rural communities into permitting ethanol plants. It is inspired by fighting off two separate ethanol initiatives on the same spot. There is a pattern. The deep pockets (in our case Vinod Kholsa of bankrupt Range Fuels Ethanol Plant) blow into town, hookup with local get-rich-quick crooks and the trash mafia and then wrap ethanol in an American flag that will save the farmers. Months of zoning hearing in a tiny firehouse filled with farmers, rednecks, enviros, Mennonites, and K street lobbyist (Alexander Strategy Group in our case)---quite comical really. But what has not been funny is all the time, money, worry spent by the locals trying to protect their community. Also it has not been funny that the local newspapers have refused to write the whole story for fear of being anti-jobs. And it continues; now Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett is giving millions to Perdue to put a soy biofuels plant on the same spot. Perdue was involved in the failed, bankrupt Bionol Clearfield Ethanol Plant that was former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell’s “future of Pennsylvania’s energy.” Let ‘s just hope third time is not a charm