Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Senate Fails to End Ethanol Tax Credits

It is unbelievable! I wonder if the problem is that there are not enough people interested in the ethanol issue to get this legislation passed. Hardcore environmentalist and those touched by an ethanol plant fiasco “get it” but the environmental “light” crowd took a long time to understand that ethanol is a really bad idea. Meanwhile…….the greedy, dangerous ethanol investors jumped on reaping the subsidies. When will it end?
What is with Grover anyway? In 2004 Mike Mihalke (partner in Alexander Strategy Group and former press secretary for presidential candidate Rick Santorum) approached our rag-tag environmental group in a dark alley—not kidding, a dark alley--- and offered “help” fighting off an ethanol plant financially backed by Vinod Khosla’s Cilion. Although the names changed frequently when pressed, the clients Mihalke was working for included Americans For Tax Reform.  Are Grover and ATR changing their opinion on ethanol?

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