Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ed Rendell's "future of Pennsylvania energy" Clearfield Ethanol Plant in bankruptcy and shut down.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell's Press Release "The Future of Energy is Here   Clearfield Ethanol Plant to Be One of the Nation's Largest"
News report of Clearfield Ethanol Plant in bankruptcy and shut down.
Govenor Ed Rendell wrote his fax number on my "Stop Ethanol" sign at a Kerry rally in Lancaster Pennsylvania and said "Fax me something. " So for several years I faxed Ed Rendell reports and articles warning of the dangers of ethanol, as well as petitions against an ethanol plant in Lancaster County, PA. The only response I ever got was phone calls and emails from the Governor's office staff asking me to stop sending faxes. Here is one:
"Your fax to the Governor's Office on ethanol have been received several times.  If you have additional information, please mail to
Governor's Office, 225 Main Capitol, Harrisburg, PA  17120   in order to avoid tying up the Governor's fax line. 
Thank you. "
I would always respond that the Governot told me to fax him something about ethanol and that is what I do. I fax the Governor information on ethanol so he understands the problems.
I suspect the taxpayers of Pennsylvania wish someone would have read all those ethanol faxes and we would have saved at least that $17.4 million  wasted on the Clearfield ethanol plant, and who knows how much to clean up the plant once it becomes another brown field.

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