Sunday, August 28, 2011

Philadelphia Inquirer/Andrew Maykuth "Who'll be left holding the bag in PA ethanol plants demise?"

The ethanol mess Governor Rendell left behind......

"The state agreed to support the $270 million project with $27 million in grants and loans and by issuing $67 million in tax-free bonds."

So much corruption surrounding ethanol! Former PA Gov. Rendell was a biofuels cheerleader even though he had been warned that ethanol has serious environmental problems— inefficiency, land use issues, waterway pollution, food security/inflation, etc.  He continued to called this particular plant “the future of energy in Pennsylvania” while he was being provided multiple reports on the problems with ethanol and petitions signed by taxpayers to stop ethanol in Pennsylvania.
So Pennsylvania’s first ethanol plant, only a few years old and supported by millions of dollars taxpayer of money, is now an abandoned industrial site. Will it become another “brownfield” that will have to be cleaned up with more taxpayer dollars?
Meanwhile, The World Bank, Oxfam, U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, and others have been implicating corn ethanol as a factor in the rising cost of food, and famine.

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