Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"EU starting to see sense on biofuels" ActionAid

“This is big news as it’s the first time that the EU has explicitly acknowledged that using food as fuel can cause problems.
We’re glad that the EU has finally recognised what we have been pointing out for years – that diverting agricultural resources from producing food to produce fuel will inevitably lead to food insecurity and food price volatility.
But we’re concerned that including 5% of biofuels in European transport fuel is still too high.
We’ve already seen land grabs for biofuels in countries such as Kenya and Tanzania which have involved European companies, and we’ve taken these cases to European decision-makers.
But it’s not just a European problem. We’ve also highlighted problems with bio-ethanol production in the US driving up global corn prices and how even the champion of biofuels producers – Brazil – is violating people’s rights in their quest to profit from increased global biofuels demand.”

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