Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Bio-fuels, Speculation, Land Grabs= Food Crisis"

Resolving the Food Crisis: Assessing Global Policy Reform Since 2007 (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and Tufts University Global Development and Environment Institute)

"SOPHIA MURPHY, INSTITUTE FOR AGRICULTURE AND TRADE POLICY: Well, a big one is around the use of biofuels, which leads into questions about how we use the resources we have. And I think that for—especially for the G-20 governments, they still shy away from acknowledging that there might be limits to growth, if you like. And that's—while they've been happy to put a lot of money and energy into production and increasing the output, they haven't been willing to look at how we use food, where food gets wasted, and how the transformation of food into biofuels in particular has created a very substantial spike in demand that had an immediate effect on price and which continues to pose a lot of challenges. So that would be a first."

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