Saturday, January 7, 2012

"One Bad Energy Subsidy Expires" New York Times

Great article except the part that states Congress should "redeploy the money saved to support......high-tech biofuels"  The New York Times should ask Pennsylvania and Georgia about  "high-tech biofuels"  Both states have been left "holding the bag" for millions of dollars for bankrupt non-operating high-tech biofuels plants. In PA, the bankrupt and shuttered Bionol Clearfield Ethanol plant (Ed Rendell’s “future of PA Energy”) is now scrambling to make money by trying to sell Susquehanna River water (via its withdrawal permit) to the frac(k)ing industry. And the bankrupt and shuttered Range Fuels was just bought at a fire-sale price by the same investor involved in the plants demise, Vinod Khosla. Meanwhile Georgia and Pennsylvania taxpayers lose out.

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