Friday, August 10, 2012

"Dismal crop forecast fuels ethanol battle" The Hill's E2-Wire

"“If the U.S. only produces 10.8 billion bushels of corn and 5 billion bushels still goes to make ethanol, a shrinking percentage of corn is left for food and feed. It is time to rethink ethanol mandates that ensure that cars eat before people,” Marie Brill, senior policy analyst with international anti-poverty group ActionAid USA, said in a statement Friday. "

" A United Nations official said Friday that the country must suspend biofuels production to soften the blow the drought is dealing corn supplies. He said that could help restore some stability to international food prices."

"Bills in both chambers would also alter the RFS. Some would let states opt out of meeting the corn ethanol target; another pair of bills would let EPA revise the quota when corn supplies are low; and others would end the RFS altogether."

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