Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"UPDATE 5-World powers eye emergency food meeting; action doubted" Reuter

"Instead, it must intervene through influence, perhaps urging
the United States to relax its ethanol policy in response to the
crisis - difficult only months before a presidential election
that may be won or lost in Midwest farm states - or urging
Russia not to impose an export ban, as it did two years ago."

" The United States uses 40 percent of its corn crop to
produce ethanol, drawing criticism for using food for fuel when
hunger is widespread in some poorer countries."

" The European Commission has also faced extensive criticism
of its biofuel policy for using land otherwise devoted to food
crops. Scientists have also argued that the policy fails to
achieve its environmental goals. "

" Charity Oxfam is among the groups campaigning for ministers
to agree on beginning to abolish mandates and targets for
biofuel production both in the EU and in the United States.
    "In 2011, 11 intergovernmental agencies produced a report to
the G20 where it unequivocally said there was a link between
increasing biofuels production and food price rises and
recommended quite clearly that biofuels mandates and targets
should be scrapped," said Hannah Stoddart, head of economic
justice at Oxfam Great Britain."

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